Friday, March 14, 2008

3.14 its Pi Day in 2008

It's Pi Day and is celebrated at 1:59 PM today. Pi (π) Day was founded at MIT and is a celebration of the mathematical term Pi. It is approximately equal to 3.14159 and is used to calculate the area and circumference of a circle. The formulas are Area = Pi x radius squared
(A=πrsquared) and the circumference = 2 x Pi x radius or Pi x diameter (C=2πr = πd).

I bought my grandchildren a Boston Cream Pie last year and this year my oldest grandson asked for a Cherry Pie to celebrate the day. I will probably stop and see them on the way home.

Its just a fun way to celebrate the day. It is a geeky thing but being an engineer I guess I'm a little geeky. My daughter said last year that no one not in school knows what Pi is and I told her I use the term weekly.

I did buy a cherry pie to share with the grand kids. The youngest wanted a bite immediately.

So the formulae Pi R Squared is wrong, as you can plainly see Pie R round. LOL


Old Wom Tigley said...

Last night we had friends around for a Meat and Potatoe Pie supper. I wish then I had known about this as Fez my mate is an Engineer and as worked at his dads place since school.
He started at the very bottom sweeping up and making tea. This lad as been working 7 days a week building up his home and money and he is hoping to move to Australia with his young family. I wish them well.
He would have liked the humour of the Pie/Pye supper.


fishing guy said...

Tom: It's really funny that you would have a meat pie last night on PI(π) day. I have to ask, was it squared or round?
I wish Fez the best in his life endeavors. May all his work pay off for him.

rebecca said...

Pi Day is a huge thing at my school. Kids make t-shirts, do special projects, dress silly... whatever. I think it's pretty cool!