Monday, March 17, 2008

Little Signs of Spring

All the snow is not gone yet. We received a lot of rain but some of the snow remains. The weather man says we will see sun today. It has been several weeks since it was in the area. This is a hyacin that thinks spring is coming. We have red, white and blue in the front of the house. The snow is just melting away and it is coming up.
This is a plant that has a rounded set of leaves and is sending out it's shoots. It can be transplanted with just one leave. This is a little white flower that comes up each spring since I salted the area with bulbs so have no idea of the name.
Jake our Pomeranian can actually see the ground in the back yard.


Shionge said...

This is amazing they certainly looked very 'strong'...hello Jake :D

Old Wom Tigley said...

Spring as Sprung.. or it nearly as I should say.. :O)

gmj said...

Oh fishing music if I ever heard it! Josh Turner is great. Like the little pup, he sure is cute. And Show us the plant when in full bloom.

fishing guy said...

Hi all: I'll be sure to keep up on their progress. I have a large amount and variety of hostas which will be coming up soon.