Saturday, March 8, 2008

Winter Storm Watch

What a winter storm we are having in NE Ohio. This is a picture from Friday morning before the snow started. The ice storm from Tuesday had melted from the warm weather on Thursday. There was a Robin chirping in the back yard. The day felt like a early Spring day with a chill in the air but really alright. This was a robin outside my window at work. Maybe Spring was here!!!!!!!!!! Note the standing water from the thaw we just had. I came home after work and we had 4" of snow with drifting. I used the snow blower to get the snow off the driveway.
I went out this morning and blew 9 more inches of snow off the driveway.
Our deck shows the effect of the 13" of snow we got so far. There are Winter Storm Warnings through 4 AM tomorrow.
Do we have a Winter Wonderland? Yes we do.


Carletta said...

It's nice you thought to take a before picture.
I love snow so I'm lovin' my winter wonderland!

fishing guy said...

Carletta: I will get some pictures today when the sun comes up.

Anonymous said...

Well, now you know. It really snowed in Ohio. LOL

We got 11 inches officially but snow drifted to my knees and beyond in front and back and we paid some young men $40.00 to shovel the driveway and sidewalks. That way we didn't have to go out in the weather.

I will have more photos to show each day. Thanks for your visit.

fishing guy said...

Abe: We ended up with 25" and also had the drifting. This is really unbelievable here.