Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Remembering a Fishing Trip

A friend asked when I was going to post a fishing post. I pulled this out of a couple of trips from last Fall.

I've always said I like to catch Crappie. Mister Crappie enjoys a lively minnow. He will go out of his way to wrap those lips around a minnow. I use a presentation that does give me an advantage over Mr. Crappie. I use light line and only a split shot and a hook. Depending on the situation, I have a bobber above the split shot and hook to keep the minnow at the depth I want it. Other times I just depend on myself to locate the bait.

I am ready to fillet these Crappies.

Here is Fishing Guy with a nice catch from another day.

Here is my youngest Grandson after a trip to the lake. It is a mixed bag of 2 - 12" Crappies, 3 - 8" Bluegill and 1 - 16" Walleye. There were a lot more in the cooler but these were the biggest. He has been fishing 3 years and has a lot of luck on his side. He caught a couple of nice Crappie the first time he went out. My oldest Grandson has been on the boat with me for 9 Years. He started when he was four.
This is another trip and the Crappie and one 12" Perch that took a minnow. The nice thing about fishing minnows is you don't catch small Bluegill or small Perch. I don't keep Crappie unless they are 8" long and have nice fillets.


Rosy said...

What does a crappie taste like?

I know we don't have them here for I never seen them in our lakes in San Diego, Calif.

Also is there a limit at how much one can reeled on in certain types of fishes you have in your state?

fishing guy said...

Rosy: Crappie are a mild white fleshed fish that you can do anything you like when you cook them. They are like bluegill or inland perch. They don't have a lot of smell so are very nice to cook. they are a Eastern US fish.

Lake Erie has bag limits but in general while on inland lakes you can take what you can use.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Thank you my Friend.. :O)
I have been waiting to see and read about this. I have many friends who still fish unlike myself who now dose not get out there anymore. I will try to get a few pictures of the Pike my friend goes after.. Where I live we have reservoirs stocked with trout, and a few rivers nearby are now yielding good fish. Like most things in the countryside some frown on fishing, some fishermen have even been attacked for doing it. Can you imagine that.. or dosethat happen near you?
On the local canals day licences can be bought and fishing for the fun of it takes place.
Very interesting post.. I look forward to more.

Salty said...

Those are some beautiful catches of crappie! They are difficult to beat on the table. You're giving me spring fever :)

Dick said...

Wow, that's a lot of fish. There is not much fish left in our North-See.