Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Surprise

Oh, how I long for the waters of Spring. The chirping of Robins, the honking of Geese, the squawking of the Blue Heron, all are in my yearnings. I love it when we get the bloom of the Dogwood Tree because I know the Crappie can't be far behind. Instead this is what I'm seeing.

We have had flooding in the area but we are safely away from the rivers and streams.

Two days before Spring started I snapped this bush because the last of Winter had decorated it with strings of ice. At least I thought it was the last of Winter.
So now we have Spring coming in with a vengeance in the form of a snow storm. Spring is telling me don't put your boat in the water now. Winter is going to stay around a little longer. Winter told me it wasn't ready to give up it's grip on NE Ohio. The snow was almost melted except for a couple of places I had stacked it to four foot high. These are the results of 6" of snow this morning. I went out this morning at 6 AM to start another clean-up.
The little bush got the brunt of the snow fall since the ice never melted from Tuesday.
Since it was early morning I was out with my shovel so as not to disturb the neighbors. My wife snapped me as I was just starting the front walk.
The plastic snow shovel can be a friend in these situations. It has some nice reinforcements so it's strong and light. This is a wet heavy snow so was a load even though it was only 6" this time. It kept coming down the whole time I shoveled.
Well, I'm done. The snow was still coming down but I'm ahead in the battle of the remnants of Winter.
Oh, how I long for the waters of Spring, a rod in my hand and a boat in which to stand. I know it's slowly coming but I feel the need to see more positive signs of Spring.


Old Wom Tigley said...

I'm with you all the way on this.. I awoke to a slight coving of snow. I got caught out yesterday in a hail storm.. not much fun when it falls on a bald and shaved head... boy those stones smarted.
It is now trying to snow and the wind is bitter cold. I, like you hope for better weather for all.
We can only hope

Carletta said...

I see - a nice big Spring snow fall!
Just a misty rain here.

Salty said...

We had sonw flurries off and on today with only slight accumulation which melted in a matter of an hour or so. I completely understand your anticipation of standing in your boat with a bent rod......soon :)

Shark Girl said...

I'll be glad when winter is over there. You're making me very very cold just reading your blog!