Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tiger Wins Again

The biggest golf news of the day, Tiger wins a golf tournament. This is getting to be old news. (LOL) He won his 7th worldwide and his 5th PGA tournament. He has actually won 8 of his last 9 tournaments worldwide. He won it on a breaking putt of 21 foot on the last hole. He did the same thing to Phil Michelson in 2001. He again shot -4 for the day winning by one stroke. He is unbelievable as a golfer. This is the 5th time he has won at Bay Hill.
He ties the great Ben Hogan on the all time winners list and now has only number two Jack Nicklaus in his sights. He just recently past Arnold Palmer on the all time winners list and Arnold looked perfectly happy that he had won his tournament. Tiger plays again next week in Miami and is the defending champion. Tiger was excited about the winning putt but was gracious in his victory. How can you bet against him?
In other sporting news Texas did not win their title game so now we have to wait for the brackets to see if they get an at large bid to The Dance.

Jo: Maybe Kent State will not have a chance to meet Texas.

In NASCAR news 3 Chevrolet's go 1,2,3 but no Hendricks team drive are there. What's going on with Hendricks? Jeff Gordon has not won yet and neither has defending champion Jimmie Johnson. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is doing better then both of them. At least Jr. is in the top 12 as of now.


Shionge said...

Hey FG, thank you so much for the birthday wishes, I truly appreciate it :D

I'm not into golf and I have no clue at all but I do adore Tiger, he is so humble & nice :D

fishing guy said...

Shionge: Tiger is a terror on the golf course. I feel he intimidates the other players. did you ever see his mansion in Florida.

Jo Castillo said...

Boy, Tiger is something. Wow. My favorite golfer ... well maybe my son, Larry, is my heartfelt favorite. :) They are the same age.

I guess Texas and Kent State can only meet in the finals. :)

fishing guy said...

Jo: I hope Texas makes it that far. I'm sure little KSU will not be there. KSU enrollment 25,000.