Sunday, March 9, 2008

Oh My Oh MY - The Storm Caused This?

My wife spotted this and told me to check it out. She said it was a great photo opportunity.

How does this happen? I saw this in an area shopping parking lot. It must have happened on Saturday sometime after we had received 18" of snow and most of the plowing was done. There were no white out conditions during the storm so how do you do this? At what point when you are going up on the mound do you realize you are too high?
Do you ever say to yourself this was a mistake?
The snow plow takes your the ramp away and you are stuck on a snow mountain with no way off. All I can think is good luck.


Shark Girl said...

I remember those days. It was fun to see how far up the snow bank you can get (after you've spun a few donuts)

I've also been stuck because the snow got up past my axles.

This one looks like the case of a disgruntled snow plower who wanted to do his job and didn't care that a vehicle was still in the parking lot. I've seen city trucks do that to motorists who leave their vehicles parked on the side of the road between the hours we were told not to park.

Anonymous said...

What a surprise.

Shionge said...

Sure looks dangerous to me :( and yes what a lovely photo opportunity :D

Jo Castillo said...

The van looks like ours! Glad it isn't. Ha. Your snow looks pretty, but I'm pleased not to be in it. Makes me feel toasty here at 57 with rain today. Baseball canceled for the day.

rebecca said...

Oh, man! That van is going to be there a while.