Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mallard Ducks in a Field

You can click on any of the pictures to see them more clearly.

Check out Wiggers World for some super Mandarin Duck pictures.

A flock of Mallard Ducks have flown into the area from the South. You can always spot the Mallard males by the dark green head. They inhabit the Lake Hodgson where I fish and will be working the lake shore all spring and also will bring their ducklings to the lake for training.

This group of Mallard Ducks are on the iced over part of a flooded field near a small lake. We have had a lot of rain this week and it continues tonight.
There was something good to eat underneath the water. The male on the right and female on the left that are nearest to you are feeding. The water must be in the mid 30's F.
Here is a female with three males near.
Here is a lone Mallard in full color probably looking for a mate. they are common around the area and a very beautiful duck. The females are a dull brown with white flecks for camouflage. The ducks are pairing up to mate soon. they will build a nest and start laying eggs. The female tends the nest and that coloring works to perfection.


Gina said...

Great photos! Love the colouring of the males :O)

Anonymous said...

These are very nice photographs. I like ducks but I also like those that Tom showed on his blog. I have never seen those kind in person but they are beauties.

Thanks for your visits and support and comments on my blog. I do appreciate it a lot.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio

Old Wom Tigley said...

Another great post... I'm sure if we get a few more bird lovers to join use we could cover every one in the world... ha!
These male Mallards are bit rough with the females, some of the females are more or less gang raped. It is known that some are in fact drowned at this time by groups of immature males.
Your blog name and your mention here of fishing make me wonder if we are going to be seeing some of your fishing trips and catches. I don't fish, I have done a bit of sea fishing before and really enjoyed it. It will be of interest to see what you have in the waters you fish.

Shionge said...

How exciting to spot them, wish I was there. I can see why the males are near the female ;)

fishing guy said...

Thanks All. I was really lucky to catch the ducks near the road. I sat in my car and got the photos. I went past them today and they were 200 feet from the road in the same area.

Anonymous said...

Have two MALLARDS since EASTER
Affectionate but how do you train and house break them??