Monday, March 10, 2008

What Is It V

This might be a tough one but give it a guess. I have a special reason for this one.


Rosy said...

This is my first time here I found your link from Abraham lincoln blog and gald I did at that!

That Van stuck on the mound of snow looks like it will be there until the snow melts.

As far as this thingamajig of V what is it? "Well to me it looks like it might be cabe with wires or it could be a duck's bill?

Interesting enough to take a guess at it though. :)

Gina said...

I'm afraid you've got me stumped!
I showed it to hubby and he thought it may be something to do with a lock..It looks broken anyway :O)

fishing guy said...

Rosy: Thanks for the visit, I've learned a lot from Abe's blog.
Hint: I guess I'll say it is made from metal. No duck's bill.
Gina: It is broken but not a lock.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we got plenty of snow. I think it was four feet deep on my roof and that worried me as wet snow weighs a lot. Yesterday the sun was out all day and that made the snow more compacted and lots of it did melt. It should melt even more today and tomorrow.

Thanks for your visit and comment.

This looks almost like it is a photography of siding on a building with insulation peeking out.

I am not sure but that is about the only thing I could even think of.

Abraham Lincoln

Anna said...


Shionge said...

Hmmm...very interesting shot let me see some dustbin or motor from a boat that got damaged perhaps?

Tell us!! Tell us quick :D

fishing guy said...

It's the weld on a support leg for the snow blower. See the wider view above and I'll tell the story tonight.