Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Snow Blower is Welded

My daughter called me Sunday morning to tell me her car was in the back of the house in the garage and there was no way she could get it out to get to work on Monday. There is a grade to her land so she has to come uphill to get to the street. The apron at the end of her driveway was completely plowed in with a good four foot of snow across the driveway. The rest of the driveway had a good 2 foot of snow. I cleaned the driveway down to 2 foot and used the snow blower to remove the remainder of the snow pile. When I got to her actual driveway, which is about 120 foot long around the curve, I used the snow blower to make a path to her car. The snow was over the top of the opening in the snow blower. The snow blower did fine going down but as it came back up the driveway the load of all that snow was just too much and the welds broke on the supports. Needless to say the rest of the snow removal was done by snow shovel. Here are two of the welders from work. Jerry (from WV near Charleston) is on the left and Larry is on the right. Larry used a TIG welder to repair my snow blower problem. Larry is wearing a welding mask which protects his eyes when welding. Here is the weld he was able to put on the shaft. I had bent the part back into shape and his welder did the rest. He welded the two brackets back onto the shaft of the snow blower.
Here is the finished snow blower. It is a Snapper 19" wide path snow blower. My wife bought it for me on Christmas several years ago and I have never had a bit of trouble with it. The snow of 08 had it's effect on the snow blower.
The snow is picked up by the spinning auger and is thrown out the top shoot. The shoot can swivel side to side so you are able to throw the snow out of your path when the snow is deep.
I didn't think that a lot of you southeners would never know how a snow blower looks in the auger area.


Rosy said...

I used to lived in Virgina and I do remember at how it used to be when it had snowed, I sometimes miss it and yet I am so thankful not to have to shovel any snow either!

At the time when I had lived in VA we didn't have a snow plow of the such as you have, just our backs and the wide bladed snow shovels.

I like to make a comment on your comment you had left at my blog about getting the pictures of the flying seagulls.

When I had taken the picture of the flying seagulls it was a very windy day and some of these birds were just hoovering in the wind which made it more easier for me to get their pictures, otherwise I doubt I wouldn't of been able to capture them flying above me.

Anonymous said...

I have a Toro snow blower that is probably about the same size as your snapper but mine has like rubber blades except they are not rubber but more like the material they used to use for steam engine belts. Not sure what it is. Anyway, I think they are either bolted on or fit into groves. I never really looked but so far nothing has come unstuck or unwelded. Sounds like your back is much better than mine. Mine hurts most of the time nowadays and I guess it is arthritis catching up with me since I am not able to walk in the winter.

Jo Castillo said...

I knew this was machinery, but we don't have such here in central Texas. :) I couldn't imagine what it was. Ahhhhh. We're reaching for 76 degrees today.

Shionge said...

Hey thanks I have no idea how it is looks like because Singapore is hot & humid except for rain these few days :D

fishing guy said...

Rosy: I took some standing Seagulls and can't get them flying.
Abe: I have arthritis in the knees also but push my way through it.
Jo & Shionge: I wish I had my wife take a picture while I cleaned the driveway. It would have been a fun picture. the smow was flying.

jedijawa said...

Oh man, I remember doing that driveway by hand on a few of those big snows. Good job on the removal. The worst part was always when the snowplow would cover the front of the driveway over and would negate all of that work to open it up.

fishing guy said...

Jedi: I bet that does bring back some memories. That was the biggest snow in 2000.

Craftsman said...

Hey thanks I have no idea how it is looks like because Brazil is hot :)