Monday, March 31, 2008

My Other Love is Golfing

One of my other favorite things to do is golf. There is a problem because if the overlapping seasons of golf and fishing. If it gets to hot to fish you can always golf.

I especially like scrambles and usually play several with my Brother and his two sons. We are the fearsome foursome on the golf course. We had our best 18 hole round in a scramble of 16 under par. We had four Pars, twelve Birdies and two Eagles. We won first place in the scramble that year. The kids are big hitters, well over 300 yards at times. The old men are steady down the middle at 250 yards on the drives. I have been know to hit a 3 wood 250 yards off the fairway.
Note the matching drivers, we are a team.
Here are the kids. They played us in a lot of rounds of golf and haven't beat us yet. They tied us once. They say when we reach 70 they ought to be coming into their prime. I think their Dad intimidates them. He does play really well. The old guys resting. Note Fishing Guys wears a knee brace so the arthritis doesn't bother him so much. The next day it's always a sore knee day from the torque you put into your swing.
This was a special short club hole and Jeff sunk the birdie.
This is for readers of my blog. Junior also comes to the same outing with his sons so its like old home week from the neighborhood. Junior also had Prostate Cancer and is now retired and spends the Winters in Florida. He comes back to PA in the Summer.
This was a picture from another outing but I thought Gina would enjoy that I have a Tasmanian Devil golf shirt.


Gina said...

Sounds like such a fun time with your bro and nephews..and a really nice course to play they are good scores.
I've played a few rounds myself and mostly managed to drive well, but always blew it on the green! :O)

p.s great shirt!!!

Shionge said...

I am not into golf but I can see some wonderful bonding there with the guys ya FG :D

Old Wom Tigley said...

That 4 big guys...for sure... It's great to do this as a family as well.. closeness and family friends should go hand in hand. I do not play golf but enjoy watching it.. theres two courses near by that I sometimes walk by.
It is nice to have different interests as well... I can imagine the friendly rivilry and the banter between you all..
Neat post.... 'Old golfers never die they only lose their balls'

Carletta said...

Nice family post!
I bet golf is second to the fishing!

fishing guy said...

Gina: The short game is important. A scramble is where everyone takes a shot and you use the best of the four. Only one person has to make a putt.
Shionge: We always have a good time and usually shoot fairly well.
Tom: I try to never loose my balls. LOL
Carletta: You are correct.

Shark Girl said...

I never really figured out golf. I tried it when I was in Nevada but all I did was dig up dirt.

I followed Beth Daniels around in a California golf something or other in 1982. Actually, my friend was the golf fanatic...I was just there to see the real CHP officers. They're nothing like Ponch and Jon though... LOL.

I think I know how golf rules came up with Birdies and Eagles.

Someone swung at the golf ball during the planning stages of the rules and they hit an eagle and it dropped from the sky. Then, they swung again and hit a little birdie flying by.

And there you have it. How golf rules came up with Birdies and Eagles.

Jo Castillo said...

Looks like a great bunch and lots of fun.