Wednesday, March 19, 2008

NE Ohio Weather

It is so much fun to be in a NE Ohio winter. Our roller coaster weather continue. This is a shot from a week ago Saturday when we got blasted with 25" of snow. By last Friday, we started to get rain and clouds and melting all week. I took this shot to show you the snow had almost melted away in the front of the house. Our house faces North so that side of the house is the last to melt. The snow tends to pile up pretty high when you clean the driveway and sidewalks. This was all the snow that remand. It started out in the 40's F today and the temperature fell into freezing range today.
So guess what happened this evening. The snow started to fall again as the evening approached. I took a shot looking out at the deck. I think you can see the size of the flakes. Click it to see a enlarged view if you like. We are getting so close to Spring I can feel it but not see it right now.
Oh how I long to be out on my boat on Lake Hodgson. It is three weeks to early for this feeling. The boat is still bundled up for the winter.


Shionge said...

Oh Wow! I can see the difference with snow and without :) Hope you'll get to fish soon and share your catch with us ya :D

Rosy said...

I read recently in the newspaper that spring has been coming a a week earlier than normal in the past so many years, and that blooms on flowers are blooming two days earlier than they normally would be doing as well as the birds are arriving two to three days earlier...due to global warming.

Um...from the looks of it I doubt that one can call this spring from your pictures here.

fishing guy said...

Shionge: I hope to share fishing stories in the next month.
Rosy: We had a cold winter with lots of snow. From what I hear the North Pole got more snow then normal. I'm not sure about the global warming. Maybe this is just normal fluctuation. We are having a cold start to our Spring.

Anna said...

I would have so much fun shooting those fish all lined up...I bet theu smelled great!

Jo Castillo said...

Hi, the snow looks pretty from here. :) I was wondering if you are in the floods now?? Your skies in Friday's post look ominous.