Thursday, March 13, 2008


The Black Tailed Gull which we call Seagulls are a residents of greater Great Lakes area. They inhabit all the area lakes. Lake Hodgson where I fish always seems to have Seagulls flying above. They are a scavenger and a dead fish will attract them immediately. If I am bored with the fishing sometimes I will throw them minnows.

I went to the parking lot that had the van stuck on the snow mound but it had been pulled off the hill. I couldn't tell what damage was done to the van but could see the effect on the snow mound where they dragged it off. These Seagulls, about 20 of them, were in the parking lot. I think they were just happy to find a open place to be out of the snow. I have been trying to snap a flying Gull picture but have had no luck as yet. they move really fast when on wing.

This Gull was telling me to get out of his area. I always remember the Alfred Hitchcock movie 'The Bird' when I see any group of birds. The attack by the gulls was an exciting scene. I wrote a post on this movie. There was nothing scary about these birds but this one didn't like me to be in his area.
The Gulls look like they made it through the storm just fine and I think they were just resting in the parking lot.

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Shark Girl said...

I miss the gulls. I lived in the area of Lake Superior when I lived in Marquette, MI; and also at Lake Michigan/Huron when I lived in Mackinaw City.

I love the sound they make and I loved feeding them in the air. You throw food up and they swoop to grab it.