Monday, December 17, 2007

Blizzard conditions in NE Ohio

We had a blizzard yesterday. It was snowing and blowing really hard. We probably have 12” of snow as you can see on the roof of our house. It blew off our bedroom roof and is piled on the living room roof. It then blew onto the garage roof.
Here is a view of the porch. The big wreath was covered with real snow yesterday. Since reading Rick Lee's blog I now wonder how he would portray the icekles. I took a couple of shots.
The wind gave them a Easterly rake.
Here's the last one from the porch.
I shoveled the driveway last night and had to do it again this morning. It’s supposed to stop snowing today.
Here is the snow on my grill cover.
Did I say there were stairs to the deck. Well, there are no more.
The snow bank beside my truck was 3 foot high.
My wife and I tried to go out for supper and some of the restaurants were closed. We will have rain by Thursday/ Friday so it should all melt away.


Rebecca Burch said...

Yyyyyikes! I guess we dodged a bullet down here in central WV. We got 2-3" of snow and that's it.

I don't like winter. I think I was meant to live in Barbados or somewhere else where it stays around 70* yearround. :) I don't winter well.

Carletta said...

Hey Fishing Guy! We got about 2inches of snow here ~ just enough to make it pretty.
I loved your comment about how Rick Lee would do the icicles. I think the one you took of the porch with the sky in the background was pretty cool - no pun intended.
Stay Warm

Shark Girl said...

If you look at pictures 4 and 6, without associating with the icicles as being icicles, it looks like giant claws ripped the sky open.

I haven't seen snow in a long time. What's it like? *evil grin*

Shark Girl said...

Picture 8 is just begging to be messed up with foot prints.

I like how it looks like a river of snow flowing down the steps. It's pretty.

fishing guy said...

RB: This type of storm make anyone wish they were down south.
Carletta: I did think of the great pictures he takes and wondered what he would have done. The angles were endless.
SG: I did go through the truck bank to get to the deck.

Derek said...

Awesome pictures of the snow! Thanks for commenting on my blog.

We got about a two inches here. I'm hoping for more. :)