Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ice Enclosure

I don't like these kind of mornings. We have a one car garage so the wife gets the garage for the winter. My boat gets the garage for the summer so it's loaded and ready to hit the lake. So my car sits outside for the night.

A dawn like this morning, when the car in encased in ice, makes it hard to get the car on the road. There was a 1/4" shell on the car which was almost impossible to chip off the windows. I was able to get a 12" x 12" spot to look through the front window. I had to drive about two miles before the windows started to melt. It was off the windows by the time I got to work. It is either sit in the driveway with the car running or drive as the windows melt. I always choose to drive.

I saw what happened out in the plains with the ice storms and am glad that didn't happen to us, so I'm not complaining to much.

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