Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Clay Walker "Fall"

Clay Walker has been around a lot of years and put out a new album this year. Clay has so many hits over the years it is hard to count. I have a couple on my music player. I saw Clay in person with my wife in Akron last year. I was so impressed we went to see him in Vegas around our birthday time in December. He does put on a great show and you will never be disappointed if you see him.

His new CD "Fall" is a good one. I bought the CD because of the song "Fore She Was Momma" that was the first release. The title track was released next but I was already excited about "Fall" from listening to the CD. It's a great song with a super story of depending on your man when you slow down. I thought it would go to number 1 but only reached number 5 but was on the charts 31 weeks. This alone shows how good the song was.

There are several other songs on the CD that should go high on the charts. "It ain't Pretty (But It's Beautiful)" is one of the future releases that should do real well. It's a story of the homeless girl and her love for her broken doll. Get ready to listen to this one. It has a good chance to go number 1.

He does a special song with the late/great Freddie Fender. They did Freddie's famous "Before the Next Teardrop Falls". This is a video of Freddie sing it. This duet was Freddie's last recording before he past away in October of 06.

"Your My Witness" is another great song. Clay put a lot of good cuts down on this album. This album has enough diversity for everyone.

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