Friday, December 14, 2007

It's My Birthday

Our family unit that live in our home town get together on Thursday nights as a family night every week. It ends up a great time to remember special occasions. It is a time of sharing with with the children and grandchildren. It changes as the years go on and the grandchildren get older but it's always a fun time.

Last night we celebrated my birthday a day early. There were some great fishing related presents, which I always enjoy. My wife got me the new Kenny Chesney CD I had asked for and the new Bruce Willis DVD "Live Free or Die Hard". We had an ice cream cake to celebrate the occasion. We have a lot of birthdays in the family from November 30th to January 1st. There are 7 during the season. The sharing of time together was very special to me.

I turned 64 which puts me one year closer to the retirement age. My how time flies by.


Shark Girl said...

Happy Birthday Fishing Guy!

It's nice you have family time. Every family should do that.

An ice cream cake sounds good. I'm not a cake person because they're boring and dry. But an ice cream cake would qualify as an exception to my rule of not liking cake much.

I hope the rest of the day goes well for you!

Carletta said...

Happy Birthday!!
What a wonderful way to celebrate. I can't help but piggyback this to Scott's post yesterday that you suggested. Getting together with family every week is putting in the time, making the memories -special occasion or not. Good for you!!!
Yes, time flies by quickly. This next year will fly by before you know it and we'll be wishing you a happy retirement!!! Oh Happy Day - then and now.

fishing guy said...

Carletta & Shark Girl:

Thanks a lot, I brought what was left, about 3/4's of the cake, to work and it's gone. We really enjoy our time as a family. We are out on the deck and back yard until the weather turns cold.

Hoyt said...

Happy belated birthday, Fishing Guy!

jedijawa said...

I meant to send you an email to say Happy Bday and realized that I forgot to do it. So belated Birthday wishes!