Friday, December 28, 2007

Kenny Chesney "Just Who I Am"

I got this CD for my birthday. My wife and I went to the Flip Flop this summer and saw a lot of star acts in Cleveland. Kenny certainly has a big fan base and surrounds himself with stars on the tour.
The song that really made we want the CD was "Don't Blink" which is about growing older and how fast life goes by. I would certainly have to say that during the last year time has flown by.

"Never Wanted Nothin' More" is another song about lifes journey. "Shift Work" with George Strait is a fun song with a calypso beat and which is also on "Got a Little Crazy" about being still a little hazy the next day.
"Wild Ride" with Joe Walsh of the Eagles and his guitar licks.
"Scare Me" is a great ballad and you realize that Kenny is a good singer.
This CD has a lot of variety and certainly is very entertaining to listen through.

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Shark Girl said...

Here's my view of the songs, and this coming from a person who is just learning to appreciate country music.

Don't Blink - I love it. I also like the video. When you put it all in perspective, it makes a whole lot of sense and how many times I've said.. where did the year go? Here it is, 2008 and I ask again, where did 2007 go? It went fast!

This is a keeper.

Never Wanted Nothin' More - It's okay. Not going to be a favorite.

Shiftwork - Shark Girl gives this one two thumbs down. Why? Because of the women at the gas station flaunting their bodies to the guys. I couldn't even get through this whole video. However, the beat is nice and catchy, but that's not enough to save the video or song for me.

Scare Me - I downloaded this in Napster just now. I love it.