Sunday, December 23, 2007

My brother-in-law's art

My Brother-in-law, Gene, from the Austin, Texas area is a great artist. I visited with him a several times while I was working in the Houston area. Gene likes to do animal drawings. He gave me one of his art pieces when I was visiting and I have always cherished the gift.

He had shot a deer with a bow and decided to do this drawing. I think it is really good. I believe it is the deer he shot but am not absolutely sure. Maybe he will let me know if he reads this.

I never understood why someone with so much talent never decided to go into the art business. Everyone makes there own choices in life.


Shark Girl said...

He's a very good artist. I can only speak for myself on why someone with an art talent doesn't go into the art business. Sometimes art is a burden that you don't see as a business. Other careers looked more like a real career.

I like his work. It reminds me of when I was starting out as trying a "business" in art. I would draw deer, ducks and bears. Then I'd take them around and try selling them to the hunters, which worked. I was 15 or 16 years old. I had forgotten about that art work until I saw your post. I didn't think I did much art work, but I did several that way I had completely forgotten about.

fishing guy said...

I really believe he had a gift which he doesn't use often enough. I appreciate your comments on his art. I will try to post some of his other drawings.