Saturday, December 8, 2007

Fish Ohio 1994

I bogged about 1991 and 1992 Fish Ohio's. I didn't catch a Fish Ohio in 1993. I caught plenty of fish but just not one that qualified. Sometimes you catch a fish that is just 1/4" short but it doesn't qualify. You can't stretch the fish even if you want to.

On May 22nd in 1994 I made an unusual Fish Ohio catch by an unusual method. I was again fishing Lake Hodgeson and had been really learning the lake and enjoying the variety of fish in the lake.

I was out trolling by pulling a lure behind the boat and directing the boat away from problems underwater. A good depth finder gives you an idea of whether there are problems ahead. I had just made a turn and was working down along an underwater sand bar. I had just bought a yellow colored Wally Diver which is supposed to be a killer Walleye lure. It is fished in the 10 to 12 foot depth. I got a hit and hooked into a fish that was really strong. It made a run that almost took all my line. I stopped the line from going out and the fish started to pull my boat into deeper water away from the sandbar. I have fought some pretty strong fish but this fish was really strong. It pulled the boat 50 foot toward the middle of the lake. After about a 30 minute fight the fish tired and I started to gain line. I thought I might have the lake record Walleye on the line.

It turned out when I got the fish to the top that it was a 29" 12# carp that had sucked in the lure. Carp tend to be a bottom feeding fish and are normally caught on baits fished setting on the bottom. This carp decided to chase a swimming bait and eat it. You never know what strange happenings are going to occur when fishing.

I netted the fish and brought it into the boat. I realized that this was a large fish and it qualified as a Fish Ohio. I had it weighed and measured and returned it to the lake to maybe grow even bigger.

Here is a picture of the fish with my boat in the background.


Shark Girl said...

You wouldn't enjoy boating with me then. I seem to like finding the sandbars, the stumps, the roots and everything else I'm supposed to be avoiding. I'll learn some day.

Yet another good fishing story!

Carletta said...

Reading your story reminds me of my Grandpa. He loved fishing and telling the tale. It's a nice memory from my childhood. I need to find a certain picture and write my own fishing blog for a day!!