Monday, December 3, 2007

Jake Owen "Startin' With Me"

I really like to pick out new talent whom I enjoy hearing. This is the case with Jake Owen. When I heard the likes of the title track to the new CD,I had to have it. Jake has a great sound which you would have never known from his first released song off the album which was "Yee Haw" I'm wanting to have a great weekend is the best way to describe the song.

The "Startin' With Me" song is a ballad that talks about different choices he could have made in his life. I really liked it and wanted to see what else Jake would offer on his new album. On his My Space sight he talks with wanting to be a pro golfer until an injury made him change his dream. Country music was a great choice for him.

"Something about a Woman", "Long Night with You" and Hard Not To Love You" are all love songs with different twist. Jake really knows how to tell a love story.

He does a duet with Randy Owen called "You Can Thank Dixie" which is an upbeat solid song.

Watch this youngster for a good future in country music.


Carletta said...

"Yee Haw" wasn't that bad for what it was. If my man Randy Owen is there, so am I.
Oh, for the ladies out there Jake's not bad to look at either. Just an observation!
Thanks Fishing Guy for a good stocking stuffer idea.

fishing guy said...

Carltta: I like this one and the Cole Diggs and the Lonesome CD as gifts. I'm going to do another one tomorrow.