Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Brad Paisley "5TH Gear"

Brad Paisley 5TH CD is called"5TH Gear". I already wrote on the song "Letter to Me" last month and now I purchased the CD. Brad has done a great job of putting a variety of song on the CD along with the excellence of his guitar playing. Brad's CD are always so interesting.

Country music fans have already heard "Ticks" and "Online" two fun songs. There are four other fun songs "Better Than This", "I'm Still a Guy", "If Love Was a Plane" & "Mr. Policeman". For instance the line "if love was a plane no-one would get on".

There are 14 Brad songs on the CD plus some extras. "Throttleneck" is pure acoustics with Brad showing off his playing.

There is a future #1 which is a duet with Carrie Underwood called "Oh Love". I can't wait till it debuts on the radio.

There are two other car songs "All I Wanted Was a Car" and "Some Mistakes" where 5TH Gear is included.

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Shark Girl said...

I just listened to "Oh Love" and it's very pretty.