Sunday, December 2, 2007


The Ohio State will be #1 in the BCS poll.

The loss to the Illinois ended up just being part of a crazy season. We now know why the the team is called The Ohio State. This is the third year in a row in the #1 spot in the BCS with one National Championship. Tressel has done another great job with the Buckeyes. He was good at YSU (my alma mater) and great at Ohio State.

I wanted WVU to win so it could be an interstate rivalry I blogged about last week between Ohio State and WVU. Well, Oklahoma did their job and took Missouri out of the picture in a big way opening up the #1 spot for WVU. Holy Cow- WVU got beat badly by Pitt. Even though I'm a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I never root for Pitt. How does a 28 point underdog beat the #2 team in the country. There have been so many upsets this year from the #2 spot it's not that surprising. I'm still in shock that it happened. I watch both games and was very surprised how it went. Yes, there was a big cheer from Columbus when they saw both teams ahead of them go down to defeat. I guess this is a true back yard brawl. WVU had a hard time with Pitt the whole game. As Jedi has told me many a time, this is the real rivalry for WVU. It really backfired on WVU this time. True the quarterback injury hurt but Pitt really controlled the game. The score could have been worse then it turned out.

Now the question is who gets to play Ohio State. You would think it would be Georgia because they were #4 but maybe it will be LSU/Kansas/VT/USC. It seems anyone in the top ten is in the picture. I feel anyone with 2 loses should be eliminated but we will have to see how the voting comes in.

It will be an interesting decision as to who is #2.


Shark Girl said...

Did someone say Georgia? Bring it on mister! LOL

jedijawa said...

I would say that WVU is the #2 but I wouldn't mean their ranking...

fishing guy said...

I sure hope they do better in the BCS game then they did on Saturday.
WVU definitely needs there quarterback.