Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jason Aldean "Relentless"

Jason Aldean has come out with his second CD release. I'm sure most of you heard the first release "Johnny Cash". It certainly doesn't hurt to use a famous name in the title. Most of the album is about love and the direction it's heading. My favorite song on the CD is "Laughed Until We Cried". I feel this is the best song on the CD.

Another song I really like is "Not Every Man Lives". A key line is "every man dies, not every man lives". It is our choice in how we live our life. Life is so fleeting, what do you leave on earth when your life is over. It is a song that makes you reflect on your life.

You can listen to "I Use What I Got" from the CD.

Jason joins with Miranda Lambert for "Grown Woman". They sound good together on the duet. Miranda doesn't do some of the rough singing she does on her songs. Miranda Lambert is Blake Shelton's present girlfriend.

The Cd will leave you wondering if Jason has had a rough time with his girlfriends along life's way.

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