Friday, February 22, 2008

Added Anna to my Artist Blog List

I had a visit from another great photographer to my artist list. It is Anna from Atlanta, GA. I really like her work and the sharing of her faith. She does a photo a day and has a great eye for she sees through the camera. You should visit the sight to see her work.

She has a great moon photograph from the eclipse on Wednesday night.

Here is a progressive photo from our local newspaper showing the Lunar eclipse. It says the next eclipse will be 0n 12/21/2010. I hope you saw this one.


Shark Girl said...

I didn't get to see the lunar brilliance but that's my fault for not watching TV to know it was going to happen. Oh yeah, I'm sure the radio said something but not while I was listening to it.

Anna has a cool blog. She should get involved in the Georgia Blogger's Carnival.

Anna, if you read this comment, we have a carnival of Georgia bloggers but I don't remember seeing you in there yet. If I missed you, sorry about that.

Jennifer Rae Atkins said...

Wow, 12/21/10 is so long from now! It was too cloudy here (New Mexico) to see the eclipse, unfortunately. I was just reading that solar eclipses tend to come about two weeks after lunar eclipses. We'll see about that.

fishing guy said...

SG: Anna doesn't have an E-mail on her sight and I don't know if she read this.
Jennifer: It certainly was a beautiful sight.