Friday, February 22, 2008

Done With the Cold

We are done the with the freezing cold weather from yesterday. The problem is the warmer weather has brought back the snow. I usually drive into the main plant on Fridays but the weather has stopped me from making the drive. We got 6" of snow overnight and now we are supposed to get a freezing rain with black ice on top of what is already here. We are under a winter storm watch until 7 PM. I can hardly wait until this storm passes.

This winter is getting really old. I'm getting ready for a change. I know we still have a month to go but I'm ready for a change.


Anna said...

I am here visiting from Rick Lee's blog. I love that your grandkids call you kids do the same to my dad!

Have a good weekend!

fishing guy said...

Anna: Thanks for the visit. I really enjoyed your sight. I'll be sure to visit you daily.

Shark Girl said...

I pity you concerning the snow. I remember those days of black ice and have been in the ditch more than I care to remember. And not to mention, down a mountain side in TN where I couldn't stop my car. A passerby got his jeep and secured my car so I could get out without finishing going down the rest of the mountain side.

Snow makes me shiver!

fishing guy said...

SG: We have sun and clear roads today. Maybe you sent some up North.