Sunday, February 24, 2008

Remembering Grandpa - The Grape Arbor

I have some wonderful memories of my grandfather. I spent a lot of time with him when I was young. Things change as you get older and have a family of your own to with witch to live. The other thing to happen was we moved from PA to OH. I would make a real effort to see my parents but maybe should have seen my grandparents more often.

I was just thinking about the grape arbor he had in his back yard. It was built from heavy wood and had seating on two sides. The grapevines had grown over the top of the arbor and they were a wonderful tasting green and purple grapes. It was great to be under the arbor on a hot day because of the cooling effect of the vines and leaves. I would sit there in the summer and be able to pick fresh grapes that were fun to eat. The two types of grapes definitely had different tastes. The people of that day knew how to take advantage of nature.

My grandmother made stuffed grape leaves and was able to make them from the fresh grape leaves from the grape arbor. She really had a talent with food and everything she made I ate with gusto. My Dad also made the stuffed grape leaves and would go and find wild growing grapes to use for the wrapper.

She also made a salad from dandelion leaves and I would go out to fields along the road and pick dandelion leaves for them. You had to pick the leaves before they flowered for them to taste better. The salad definitely had a bite but whatever dressing she put on it made it a treat.


Anonymous said...

Hello fishing guy. I am an old lady and have only ever fished for tiddlers [tiny fish which swam in the local boating pool] but never caught one. But I love the picture at the top of your page and came to read the story of your granpa. sounds as if you had an idylic childhood.
Dandilion leaves are called Pis en lit in France [I married a Frog, not PC but it's alright for me to use that expression...hell, he woldn't mind who calls him that as long as they call him in for dinner] and they make a fantastic salad dressed with oil, vinegar and a little mustard. Full of iron and very good for a lot of things.
I'm here from your interview with David and will pop back again, unless it is all fishing stuff. HeHe!

Rebeckah said...

Hi. I just read your interview with David and I wanted to come and learn more about you. I LOVE this post about your Grandpa. I never knew mine too well as they died when I was young, but I wish I would have! My Grandma had a grape vine in her front yard. It was nice to read about your Grandparents. My Grandma lived in Clarion, Pa. I saw in your post that you lived in Pa too. Where did you live? I live outside of Philadelphia now in Bucks County. Do you still live in Ohio?

Millennium Housewife said...

What a lovely post, you're right, you should be proud of it. I read your interview at David's and so glad I came over - cheers! MH

Mary said...

I just read your interview and had to stop to read this post, too. I love family history stories about common every day people. My family all came from northern Ohio, so I know what a gorgeous state you live in and my dad was a fisherman, too :-) I think Lake Erie perch are the best fish I've ever eaten...I'm sure most would argue with me on that. I like your memories about you grandparents. Fresh grapes are so good! However when it comes to dandlions, we just tried to get rid of them. Dad paid me a penny for every 10 that I picked...I was thrilled when I made a dollar a day.

Louise said...

I'm just catching up on Authorblogs's blog and found this. I would have commented, but I wasn't even reading blogs in February. Well, maybe just my cousin's.

Anyway, this is a nice post. Memories of grandparents are a wonderful thing. My "good" ones were both dead by the time I was 10, and they didn't live close to us (close enough for about one weekend a month to visit), so my memories are limited. But I have good ones.

I love grape leaves (to look at as well as eat), but now I will always think of them differently when I see them.