Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Then Freezing Rain

We continue to get the changeable weather. The snow that had completely left the area came back with about 3" last night. It changed from the snow to freezing rain. It had changed to only rain by the time I got up this morning. Two changing seasons in one night.

The roads were partially plowed. There was still slush on the roads. This is the day I usually travel 150 miles to PA but I chickened out. Even though our area had changed to rain, PA was still getting the sleet. That is the period of time that the roads become very dangerous. I feel safe with my driving but fear for what the other drivers are doing. I took the short drive to my other office and someone almost ran into the back of me. I was slowing down for a truck that had pulled out without safe distance and then turned quickly at the next road. The car behind wasn't paying attention and started to turn sideways as they started to brake. What a helpless feeling. A truck ahead of me and a car sliding into my rear. It was only luck that I didn't wreck.

My work parking lot was a skating rink. I had to walk slowly and shuffle my feet to keep from falling.


Shark Girl said...

This is stuff I don't miss from Michigan!

Although it was fun doing donuts in parking lots.

fishing guy said...

Doughnuts are only fun when there were no cars in the way. The parking lot at work is gravel and sloping. You don't do doughnuts in that type of place.