Saturday, February 2, 2008

Some More Activities From My Youth

Shark Girl's comments reminded me I had only hit on a part of the places Jr and I had played. We did have the advantage of living on the outer edge of a medium size city. You see we had the city advantage of having a city playground with swings, sliding boards, ball field, see-saws and a play area with board games. This is where I was introduced to 'Shoots and Ladders'. A game similar to my business life where you can get ahead by climbing a ladder and fall behind because of a shoot that makes you go backward. Isn't life so much like that?

We also had woods where we played, a larger sandbank area that was higher then our baseball area and woods to play in and a lot of hills to climb. Another one of my best friends Winchie was a big boy although only a year older. He had a Buckeye Tree in his front yard and a Black Cherry Tree in his back yard. I loved both those trees and they were mature trees both at least 4 foot at there base. That Buckeye Tree was the reason I planted a Buckeye tree in our front yard. I still love the taste of Black Cherries. I was the one who ended up climbing the Black Cherry Tree for the fruit.
Jr house was about a mile from my house. I would either walk there or ride my bike. We ran all over the country. We would sleep out on the porch glider at night.

In the winter we would sled ride. The hills on the road made for a fun ride. We could slide two blocks off the hill before we reached the main highway. We loved the really icy snow because you could go a long ways. We had a pond out by Jr house that we used to go skating on once it froze. We also had a manmade skating rink a short walk away over a hill.

We really had a lot of free things to do when we were young.

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Carletta said...

Fishing guy: When I read your memories and think about my own it saddens me that so many kids today are missing out on those basic enjoyments. Too many stay indoors and without TV or Wii or the like they truly end up not knowing how to play and complain they don't have anything to do! I wish they could all experience one of our childhood days - wish I could again.