Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blizzard Conditions Return After Warm Spell

The wind is howling outside. We have snow and blizzard conditions. The rains and clouds of the past week have passed and we have sun and wind. We went through a period of two weeks without sun. Now we have the sun but it is cold and getting colder. It is supposed to stay in the teens until Tuesday. What crazy weather in North East Ohio. You can see what the back yard looks like today.

Here is my truck today. This is a picture of the truck on Wednesday.


Gina said...

Yes, it's hard to imagine all that snow, over here in Oz! Bet you're looking forward to Spring...
Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words.. Did you like the fish my daughter caught? I'm wondering what a crappie is like? :O)

fishing guy said...

I really am looking forward to Spring and getting back on my boat.

The fish your daughter caught is amazing. I love the colors on the fish. Are they good eating? Check out the post on 10/10/07 to see a big crappie. They are a pan fish and really tasty.

You can locate fish pictures by checking fishing under labels.