Wednesday, February 27, 2008

NE Ohio Geese

We have flocks of non-migratory Canadian Geese that stay all year round in our area. They have adapted to the area. I think they were feeding on the grass in the yard. I had a picture of another flock on the lake last week.

This is a picture from a flock of about 30 Geese in a yard before the big snow hit yesterday. You can no longer see the grass. I caught this one as it was making a turn in a perfect pose. I was about 75 feet away with my close-up extended out to about 20:1. I used a fence to support the camera.


Carletta said...

Nice picture! Are you liking your new camera? I have to tell you - I bought the Trisha Yearwood CD too. Can't get the songs out of my head!
Keep warm.

fishing guy said...

Carletta: I'm really liking the performance of the camera. I still have to learn more of what it does.

I really enjoy the Trisha songs also.

Hoyt said...

I dig those geese! Thanks for sharing!

Shionge said...

Oh so not kidding me...30? That is a lot of geese and hey they are huge too...looks so huggable :D

fishing guy said...

Thanks Hoyt: I'm glad they posed for me.
Shionge: Check out the link to the lake and blow it up. There must be 100 geese on the lake.