Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Having an Off Day

There are those days every once in a while when you just don't feel up to par. I took a sick day off work because I wasn't feeling well. My stomach has bothered me all day. There is a lot of flue in the area and I wonder if my body is fighting with it. I did get a flue shot but maybe the flue bug doesn't know that fact. I hope I feel better tomorrow. It might also be the low pressure area that is over us. Who knows what is going on, I don't.

The weather did give us the 6" of snow they predicted and then it turned to sleet and then rain that covered the cars with ice. It is 28F on the ground, so the rain is freezing as it hits the ground. We have the 6" of snow with an ice cap on top of it.

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Shark Girl said...

I hope your feeling better FG. I remember ice capped snow when I lived in Michigan. I don't really miss the snow, but I like seeing it in pictures.