Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Who Knew - Jr Can Cook

Jr grew up in an unusual situation for the 50's. He lived in a male only house. He lived with his Grandfather, Father and Uncle Digger Dave. They all worked during the day so during the summer he was completely on his own. This causes a certain amount of independence for a 10 year old boy. I would think some of you younger people would say what an awful thing for a young boy to be on his own. Can you think of the dangers of that happening today. We grew up in a different age. There weren't people being a predator of children. We felt completely safe as we ran around the country. There were a lot of people who never locked there doors. It was a different age.

Let me start up by saying I loved baloney sandwiches. I took them to school every day. There were no cafetieres at the school. You either brought your lunch or you didn't have anything to eat. A baloney sandwich with mayo and an apple or orange was all I needed. If you got a cookie also it was nice. So one day when Jr and I were playing it got to be lunch time. I was up for it when Jr said "let's go in and have a baloney sandwich". We went into the house and Jr pulled out a frying pan. "What are you doing" I said. He told me "Don't worry you are going to enjoy this" as he proceeded to fry up the baloney. He taught me how to fry the baloney and then put it on bread with some mustard. I tried it and now my favorite hot sandwich was a fried baloney sandwich. It's hard to believe that anyone that young would know how to cook, but he grew up with all men so he knew more about those type things.

You see a fried baloney sandwich on a menu in a restaurant every now and then and it always reminds me of that first time. Thanks a lot, Jr.


Carletta said...

The only thing missing from that story is whether or not he knew or taught you how to put the little nicks in the bologna so it would lay flat in the pan!! It's one of my favorite sandwiches too - with a little mustard and sometimes a fried egg.

fishing guy said...

Carletta: Your right, Jr did teach me to cut an X in the center of the baloney so it would lay flat when cooking. The other thing is that if it is burnt some it taste better just like hot dogs. I'm still not sure of the spelling of baloney.

Jo Castillo said...

The first I heard of fried "bologna" sandwiches was from my granddaughter at about 10. I asked if she could cook and she said, "Sure." "What can you cook?" I asked. "Fried bologna sandwiches!" was her proud reply. Pretty good, too, I found out. :)