Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trisha Yearwood 'Love Songs'

My wife gave me a copy of this CD for Valentines Day. It has a great picture of Trisha on the cover. I would think most of you know that She is married to Garth Brooks. That certainly is a combination of two powerful voices.

The album opens with her first release from 1991 'That's What I Like About You'. This is what brought her into fame with the CD. She really is a powerful singer.

Also in 1991 was her signature song that is still played today. It went to Number 1 on the charts, 'She's In Love With the Boy'.

In 1992 she sang a super ballad that showed pure emotion 'Down On My Knees'. I'm a sucker for ballads anyways, so I really enjoy this one.

She followed it in 1993 with two other great ballads, 'I Don't fall In Love So Easy' and 'The Nightingale'

Two years later in 1995 "Thinkin About You' went Number 1.

In 1998 she did 'I'll Still Love You More', another really good ballad.

There are 14 love songs in all ranging from 1991 to 2005. If you like Trisha's voice you will really enjoy this CD.

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