Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Two Signs of Retirement

I'm able to play the radio while working but I have a true sign of retirement that my daughter made for me one Christmas. The sign is very true. I do fishing for fun. I work to support my family. Here is a closeup of the sign. it always reminds me of my daughter and my passion. If you ask if you can be passionate about fishing just consider the amount of time I spend on the lake trying to find fish.
I also have a cup that holds my markers. Since I fish on a lake without water skiers that only leaves two reasons I'm not fishing. At this time the weather is the main reason I'm not fishing. The water is way too hard and unless you drill holes you can't fish. The inconsistency of the weather has made ice fishing dangerous. I have done ice fishing but as of late "I Don't Do Ice".
It will be a couple of month for the water to become soft again and I will be able to get back on the water. That is when WORK will be the only reason I'm not fishing. April is always a cold and miserable month to fish but May is when great fishing will start. I can't wait to be on my boat again. I can't wait until I'm retired.

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