Friday, February 29, 2008

Jake Went to Groomer

Jake or Pomeranian was getting a little shaggy after going 9 weeks since his last grooming. He goes to The Wizard of Paws which is a great play on words.
Here he is all groomed with his scarf on after the groomers. He continues to get darker on his back. He is a good looking old fellow.


Shark Girl said...

You have a very cute dog. He grooms well too. I like how groomers and vets put scarfs on the dogs. My dog seems to strut when she gets one.

fishing guy said...

SG: Yes, he looks good for a while.
He prances after a grooming.

Meggie said...

Jake looks quite handsome with his new haircut and scarf...what a dude!

guild-rez said...

Love the name of the pet store..
I don't own a dog, but the neighbours dog, a black Labrador adopted me and we walk together very day.

Sonia said...

Wow! Just cute! Jake looks adorable!