Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Shenango Pottery

The Shenango Pottery seal was the Indian making pottery over the name. The pottery made plates for The White House. We never saw any of those plates. They destroyed all of them before dumping.

Here is a bowl from the Shenango China.
Here is an example of a restaurant plate.

These are the type of plates we found quite often.
I'm sure most of you have heard of the Shenango Pottery. The pottery actually had a dump where they discarded the pottery that wasn't perfect. There was a mound of pottery that was 20 foot high and the size of a football field. It was downstream form the place we swam in the Shenango River. There were dump trucks that brought the discards from the pottery. We would explore that mound of pottery and find pottery that was in good shape and bring it back to the house. There was a fence to keep you out but we just crawled under it. It was like going on an exploration to climb the mound to see what we could find. We tried to hide from the dump truck drivers but I'm sure they knew we were there. All of our dishes were from the Shenango Pottery. We were able to collect quite an impressive amount of pottery from the discards. I'm sure if we had kept all we could have we would have a valuable collection at this time.

Winchie and I collected dishes one summer and gave it to the YMCA Camp. We got to spend three weeks at camp for free that summer. We then stayed on washing dishes and ended up staying for 5 weeks at the YMCA Camp. The camp had swimming, outdoor camping, baseball, canoeing and archery to name just a few activities. It was built next to a clean river and was a fun place to explore. We stayed in cabins and always had a campfire at night with plenty of singing and stories. Did you every eat a smashed up bee? I did it, but that was only in song. I was ready to go home after the five weeks. Sometimes there is too much of a good thing.


agatha said...

My aunt, Mary Kline, worked at the Shenango Pottery in New Castle, and the dishes that we used every day while I was growing up came from there. My daughter is still using some of those same dishes for her family today. She lives in Novelty, Ohio. If anyone knew Mary Kline, please contact me.

fishing guy said...

Agatha: Please give me a way to contact you. Mary Kline was a next door neighbor of my Grandfather. said...

A friend sent me your blog saying we were soul mates. I read your profile and it matches mine with the exception of the Country Music. I prefer the 50's music..Doo Wop and R&B.