Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A scary bird tale

I went to see "The Birds" a classic Alfred Hitchcock movie from the author of suspense. Film Geek didn't think it was scary.

The day after seeing the movie, the very next day as a matter of fact, I went trout fishing in Deer Creek. It was a small creek that meandered through a wooded area as it headed for the Shenango River. The state did a (put and take) stocking of trout and they were easy to catch after they were freshly stocked. It was approaching evening when the fish like to bite.

As I was moving down the creek I noticed some birds flying into the trees around me. The next thing I knew I had 20 birds in the trees, then there wer 60 birds and the about 100 birds just chirping away in the trees above me. I could see birds flockingthe woods. The movie came to mind. Chirp, chirp, chirp!! It became mind numbing. All I could think about was all those birds flying down and pecking out my eyes. That's just the way I had seen in the movie. The birds gathered then attacked. My eyes are precious to me and always have been.

Discretion being the better part of valor, from Shakespeare, I got the heck out of those woods as fast as I could, jumped into my car and headed for home. Those birds ruined a perfectly good evening of fishing. I never saw birds surround me like that again so why did it have to happen right after I saw the movie. Did Alfred Hitchcock send them?

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Shark Girl said...

This is why I stopped watching horror shows and haven't seen one in years and years. I never will again either.

They mess with your mind. I also think demons like to mess with people too. Which is another reason I don't watch horror shows anymore. They know what you fear and I think they can make things happen to scare you.