Friday, November 30, 2007

WVU vs. Pitt and Missouri vs. Oklahoma

#2 WVU verses Pitt takes place at 7:45 PM tomorrow on ESPN. #1 Missouri verses #9 Oklahoma takes place at 8:00 PM on ABC. #3 Ohio State is idle with a Rose Bowl berth if both teams win and a National Championship game if either team loses. This makes for an interesting night of college football. I blogged about this earlier in the week but the picture is even clearer now.

WVU was especially lucky that this they are playing at home for the 100th backyard brawl. If the game was played at Heinz Field WVU would be in the same quagmire that the Steelers / Dolphins game was played. AS it is the Steelers play the Bengals on Sunday night at Heinz Field. With more rain predicted that should be an interesting game.

I feel this is a game that WVU should win. WVU has had a good record against Pitt for the last few years. Pitt is unranked and WVU has been playing really well.
I'm rooting for a WVU win.

The game between Missouri and Oklahoma is another story. I hope the Oklahoma can show Missouri that twice in the same season is really nice. That number one spot has been a curse all year. I will have to flip the TV back and forth until one of the games gets out of hand.
I'm rooting for a win by Oklahoma.

I really want to see #1 WVU verses #2 Ohio State. With both of them having one loss seasons.


Anonymous said...


HAIL TO PITT!!!!!!!!!

jedijawa said...

Well, I will have to root for OSU in the BCS Championship now.

At least WVU gets to go to a BCS level bowl and to someplace warm. Good thing they have that indoor practice facility now to simulate the conditions of Arizona. I would have loved to go to that Bowl when I was there ... but going to the Sugar Bowl was pretty cool in 1994.