Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Letter to Me" Brad Paisley

Brad has done it again with another great video. This song "Letter to Me" talks about writing a letter to himself to give himself life advice.

Brad invited his classmates back to his hometown of Glen Dale, WV to make a video. Brad graduated in 1991 from John Marshall High School. He has not forgotten his WV roots.

He has a great song and a great video to go with it. Brad is on a roll with an ear for a good song and the smarts to make great video to go with it.

I need to buy his latest album. I went to WalMart yesterday and they were out. I guess it is still moving off the shelves. He is really hot in the country music scene. It doesn't hurt that he married an TV actress.


jedijawa said...

cool :-)

Shark Girl said...

I think I'm robbed of 50% of Internet fun by not having high-speed. I can't see videos or download audio from sites.

fishing guy said...

sg: You are, some of the videos and songs available are super.