Saturday, November 10, 2007

My second Fish Ohio 1992

I had related the trip for My First Fish Ohio in 1991 on an earlier blog.

It was June 14TH 1992 and I was fishing the west shore of Lake Hodgson. I had found a nice break in a weed bed and was working it with minnows. I anchored outside the weed bed and cast toward the edge of the weed bed. I can see breaks and pockets in the weeds that shore fisherman can't see.

I was making some nice catches of crappie and hooked into a nice fish that was really bending my Ugly Stick rod. Sometimes when your fishing for the crappie you end up catching walleye, bass or trout. All those fish eat minnows so you can catch any of them while fishing minnows. The three fish types tend to fight differently then crappie so I thought I had a big crappie on the line. Walleye tend to fight down deep, Bass tend to come up and jump and trout tend to make big runs and take line. Crappie tend to fight downward like walleye but not as strong. Since I felt I had a big crappie on the line, and was fishing alone, I picked up my net and set it on the edge of the boat near the water. I then fought the fish to the boat. I was able to net the fish after it tired enough to lead it to the boat. I had quite a few nice crappie that day so I really could tell this was a big crappie. I took a rough measurement and knew it was over 13". It turned out it was a 14 1/4" crappie so I had my second Fish Ohio. Here is a picture of the fish and the award.

Here is my attempt at fish art. I'm not that good but when I do it I enjoy the drawing. Being an Engineer, whose drawings are 2-D, my art tends to be influenced that way. This drawing was done in 1992.

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Shark Girl said...

That's really good! You aren't an artist?

I think you are. I like that.