Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 Comes In With A Winter Storm

The New Year opened up with another blizzard for the first day of 2008. We got 5" to 12" of snow in North East Ohio. The lake was producing snow with a lot of wind. I had to go out and shovel about 5" of snow off the driveway this morning. The snow was a packing type snow underneath with a fluffy snow on top.

I went out in the morning on New Years day and the wind was howling through the tree tops. There was no wind on ground level so it was a little surreal seeing the tops of the trees whipping around with no wind on your face. My dog had a real sense that something strange was happening. The snow came a little later and the wind was now blowing the snow sideways at ground level. It snowed all day and then throughout the night.

Our minor water shortage has been relieved with all the snow/rain we have had recently.


Shark Girl said...

I woke up this morning to very bitter cold high winds.

No snow...just feels like I'm in Michigan right now, and this is the South!


fishing guy said...

SG: Sometimes this whole global warming thing confuses me. Why is the South getting the cold weather?