Monday, January 7, 2008

Random Toughts for 2008

I was going to put down some random thoughts:

1: the weather has been strange this year. We've had two blizzards move in on the weekends. Today it was 56 F this morning and headed into the 60's F. This is a strange start to the winter.

2: The weather plays havoc with my sinuses. I like a steady temperature rather then this bouncing up and down through the temperature reading. We have had two large snows this winter and everything is melted with no signs of winter. It seems that we are going to not stay study during the winter. The next thing that happens is the spring flowers will think they should sprout.

3: The Steeler's lost their play-off game on Saturday. They looked bad during the game but came back after the half to take the lead. It's probably good they lost so I didn't have to suffer through another game. There was no consistency this year. They didn't look like they were the team they were two years ago.

4: Ohio State takes on LSU tonight. It could be a late game. That makes it really hard to stay up until the end. Sometimes when I try I just fall asleep and wake up in the night and check ESPN to get the score. I hope there is a good game tonight.

5: We have had ice on the lakes around here because of the cold spell. That should change quickly with the heat wave.

6: I need to get on with my Fish Ohio writing. The next is a special year to tell stories about. I need to do it this week for sure. It gives me satisfaction to look back over the years. I really enjoy Lake Hodgson.

7: I hope you are enjoying the CD reviews. I certainly enjoy doing them.


Jo Castillo said...

I just looked, LSU was ahead 31-17. That suits me just fine. :)

Allergies bad here in Texas now, too. Cedar fever.

Nice day today except for the wind. Still 73 degrees at 10p.m.


Shark Girl said...

It's warm here too. This is going to be bad for our cherry blossom festival again this year. The trees are going to blossom too soon if this doesn't stop, but I'm not complaining.

I like wearing a t-shirt in winter and no coat. :-)