Monday, January 28, 2008

Sugarland "Enjoy the Ride"

Surgarland, Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, received duo of the year at the CMA Awards. The album "Enjoy the Ride" is a big part of the reason. This is their second album and they have done a good job as a duo. The first albumn was as a trio so they are starting over. The Sugarland sound is still there because Jennifer Nettles is the voice of the group.

The best song on the CD is "Stay". Jennifer does a great rendition on a very emotional song. It reached number 2 on the country charts. Sugarland is definetly riding a high after beating out Brooks and Dunn.

The album is filled with a lot of special songs. "Settlin" was one of the first releases and did well. another song I liked was "Want To". It is a good ballad.

Another good song on the CD is "These Are the Days". I'm sure you will enjoy the CD if you try it.

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