Tuesday, January 8, 2008

LSU 38 Ohio State 24

Ohio State came out hot against LSU and got of to a 10-0 lead. That was short lived. After LSU blocked a punt, they completely took over the game. Ohio State could not stop the LSU attack and it was an uphill fight that wasn't even close. Congrats on LSU becoming the National Champions.

Ohio State has been to the National Championship two years in a row against the SEC teams. They really don't match up well with that conference. I heard today they are 0-9 against the conference.

The team will be a year older next year. Let's see how they do.


Jo Castillo said...

I was thinking today that it looks like Ohio State will get in next year by default and be the favorite underdog. Heh, heh. I only watched the end of the game.

We went to the baseball regionals at LSU a few years ago and were treated so well. It has made us fans .. when Texas isn't involved. :)

fishing guy said...

Jo: There a good chance Ohio State will be there next year. They were a young team this year and will be more mature next year. If they get past USC in an early game, they will be undefeated next year.

jedijawa said...

I did cheer for OSU ... till the bitter end.