Monday, January 21, 2008

It's still cold today!

I was up at 5:30 AM today and it was 7 degrees F. The went out and ran for the door as soon as he was done doing his business. We are going to rise into the 20's today. The moon was full and looked great this morning. The clear skies and the sun are a real tricksters on days like this. It looks a lot warmer then it is. It going to warm up some tomorrow. I'm shivering even in the office this morning. It feels bitter with not much wind.

That game last night was wild between Green Bay and New York. Did you see the girls in the cheese bikinis? They had to have a lot of alcohol in them to do that. I wonder if they got under cover between the plays? Just look at their faces, they are cold for sure.
Talk about 5 minutes of fame, they only got 15 seconds of fame.

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