Monday, January 28, 2008

Roller Coaster Weather

What's going on. It's the middle of winter. We had to single digit starts on Thursday and Friday last week. That is certainly going to change today. After a snowy weekend the temperature today is going into the mid 40's. Can you believe it. Check out what my car looked like this morning. It was covered with snow from Sunday.

I actually used the snow blower on the driveway on Saturday morning. There was 4" of snow and I chose to blow it off rather than shoveling. There was no wind so I did it in a sweatshirt with no coat or gloves. Wind can make a real difference in how it feels outside. It actually was cold but comfortable.


Shark Girl said...

You used the words "cold" and "comfortable" in the same sentence. Say what???!!!!!!!


Carletta said...

I'm with Shark Girl....WHAT!!!

fishing guy said...

You have to blow snow off the driveway to understand what I meant. If you are blowing snow in the wind and it's blowing back into your face it's really uncomfortable. When you are blowing snow without wind, it actually feels comfortable to be out.