Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fish Ohio 1999

July 10,1999 was a special year for a Fish Ohio catch on Lake Hodgson. I decided to start trolling the lake instead of working live bait like I normally do. They call July and August the Dog Days of fishing because the lake temperature heats up and the fish are harder to catch. I went to trolling Hot-N-Tot lures around the lake. I have a bright silver Hot-N-Tot and a silver and black Hot-N-Tot that I pull behind the boat. I always try to get out at 6 AM when the sun isn't shining as brightly on the lake. I have 8# to 10# line on my poles so I'm not worried about anything overpowering me.

I had went to the North End of the Lake then headed along the West shore to the South end of the lake. As I was heading back toward the boat dock I was trolling along a sand bar. I have a fish Finder on the boat so I use it to keep me off the sand bar and trolling along at the correct depth. I hooked into something big. This is the same sand bar where I had caught the Fish Ohio Carp in 1994.

I started to fight the fish and realized I had three problems.
1: I was fighting a large fish and had to be careful.
2: I was alone and had to net this fish alone.
3: I was drifting toward the sand bar.

I certainly didn't want to get stuck on the sand bar and add to my problems at hand. I worked the fish toward the boat and it stayed down. It was either a big Walleye or a Channel Cat from the fight. I got my net ready and fought the fish to the boat. It was a 28.75" 11# Channel Cat. I was able to get the fish on the first try and was really surprised by the size. this was the biggest Channel Cat I had ever caught. I took it and had it weighed and measured. I then brought it back to the lake.


Shark Girl said...

I've never heard of a channel cat before. Are they good eating? Is it a cat fish? Cat fish is a popular menu item in the South.

Donutbuzz said...

Very nice!

fishing guy said...

Shark Girl: This is the catfish you are eating when they say cat fish. They farm raise the fish and they are delicious when you have them in the south. We used to go to a cat fish place when I was working in Huston, TX.
Thanks Hoyt.