Thursday, January 3, 2008

WVU wins bowl game - Weather has really turned

Congrats to the WVU football team for having a great bowl game last night. Every time that OU looked like they were coming back, WVU kicked it into a higher gear. I wonder why they didn't play this type of game against Pittsburgh. Oh what could have been. We would have seen WVU and OSU in the championship finale. Now we have to see if OSU can play as well against LSU on Monday night to determine the championship.

Here it is January and we do have some sun today. The temperature went down to 8 degrees last night and even with the sun out it has only gone to 10 degrees this morning. I like it to be a little warmer then this.

The snow has stopped and we didn't get much more after the blizzard moved out of the area. A lot of places got it a lot worse then we did.

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jedijawa said...

I didn't see that one coming.