Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tiger Woods Does It Again

Tiger Woods won his 62nd tour win tying one of my favorite golfers from the past Arnold Palmer. Tiger has caught Arnie at 32 years of age. Arnie won tournaments into his 50's. There are only three golfers ahead of him on the most wins list and Ben Hogan is only two ahead. The way Tiger is playing that may take a couple of months for him to pass him. This course is where a major is played this year. Talk about a sure thing. If he continues to keep his game, watch out for at least two majors this year.

Tiger just doesn't win golf tournaments, he punishes the other golfers. At one point in this tournament he was -21 when the others were -9. It is very hard to win a tournament by 8 strokes and it would have been more if Tiger hadn't relaxed toward the end. He actually lost his concentration and just played his way into the clubhouse. The rest of the field was already destroyed at that point. It doesn't make for an exciting finish but when Tiger is playing like this he is a joy to watch.


Jo Castillo said...

I really like Tiger' dedication and commitment to golf and winning. He says second is first looser. :) He is my favorite and the same age as our youngest son who loves golf. He is good but never gets to play. We should have sent him to golf school instead of college. Oh well, too late now! :)

fishing guy said...

No, college was right, there is only one Tiger. Your son will probably make more money from going to college then he would have ever made from golfing. Being a good golfer isn't enough to turn pro.

Anonymous said...

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